Liver Support W/O 60ct 175cc White, labeled


Expiry Date: 05/2024
Box Dimension: 10x10x10

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Liver not functioning at its optimal? r-zak Nutrition may have you feeling stronger and happier, with your liver functioning like new through our perfectly combined daily liver support supplement. This multivitamin and mineral supplement supports detoxification of the liver: r-zak Nutrition liver support is a progressive supplement that improves functioning and overall health of your liver; it has milk thistle, which encourages regeneration of the liver; it also contains chicory root, artichoke extract, Jujube seed, and beetroot, to detoxify and clean the liver.

This supplement encourages overall health and may help to elevate energy levels and support the immune system. The proprietary blend of the natural formula includes ingredients that help in enzyme production for overall good digestion.

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